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Salar De Uyuni
This 12,000 sq km (4680 sq mi) saltpan at an altitude of 3650m (11,970ft) was once part of a prehistoric salt lake which covered most of southwestern Bolivia. It's estimated to contain 10 billion tons of fine salt reserves and produces 19,700 tons per year, largely using traditional methods. Isla de Pescadores, in the middle of the saltpan, has spectacular stands of cactus and is home to a stranded colony of vizcachas (long-tailed rodents related to the chinchilla). The village of Uyini, southeast of the saltpan, is the best base for excursions. Northwest of Salar de Uyini is the Salar de Coipasa, on whose northern shore is a unique Chipaya Indian village. Residents of this village may be descendants of the lost Tiahuanaco civilization. If you travel this far off the beaten track, be sensitive to local culture; photography of people in this region is discouraged.

Uyuni Salt Lake, white deserts and colored lagoons

The Salar De Uyuni is by far the biggest salt lake in the world, and one of Bolivias´s most extraordinary attractions.” J. Read.

Driving across it is one of the weirdest and most fantastic experiences anywhere on the continent, specially during June and July, when the bright blue skies contrast with the blinding-white salt crust” A. Murphy.

Dawn and dusk on the salt flats are wonderful spectacles, and in the rainy season they turn into a gigantic mirror. It is a photographers paradise

La Paz - Uyuni. Full day. 4 hours by bus to Oruro then 7 hours by train to Uyuni.

Uyuni Salt Lake. One day tour. Short visit to the Train Cemetery . Leave for the Salt Lake visiting Colchani on the way where the local people make their living extracting salt. Cross the Salar to Fish Island known for its giant cactus and its incredible views of the Salt Lake . Snack. In the afternoon, a visit to Coquesa, a small picturesque town where time has stopped at the base of the extinct volcano Tunupa. A short walk to the Tombs. On the return trip to Uyuni you will visit the Eyes of Salt and its impressive views of the geology of the Salt Lake .

Uyuni Salt Lake. 2 day tour including Jirira.
Day 01. Visit Colchani and Fish Island.
In the afternoon travel to Jirira a picturesque town dedicated to the cultivation of quinua. Stay overnight in a simple cozy inn.
Day 02. Ascent to the Tunupa Volcano to the outlook with its fantastic views of the Salt Flats. Descent via Coquesa with a visit to the Tombs. In the afternoon you will visit the Eyes of Salt and return to Uyuni.

Uyuni Salt Lake and the Red Lagoon.
Day 01.Visit the Uyuni Salt Lake, Cochani and Fish Island. Spend the night in San Juan.
Day 02. Visit the lookout of the Ollague Volcano, the Canapa, Hedionda, ChiarKkota, Honda and Ramadita Lagoons. Cross the fantastic Siloli Desert, visit the Stone Tree, arrive at the Red Lagoon, habitat to the pink flamingoes. Stay overnight in basic accommodations.
Day 03. Early in the morning visit the Geysers of the Morning Sun, Dali Valley, the Green LagoonRocks, Villamar, Culpina and San Cristobal. (*). On the return trip to Uyuni you will visit the Valley of the

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