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Population: 27 million
Currency: Nuevo Sol.
Capital City: Lima (pop. 8m)
Time difference: -5 hours GMT

Peru is one of the most visited South American countries and with good reason. It was the centre of the Inca Empire whose cities and roads were feats of architecture and engineering which still baffle the modern observer. The origins and purpose of the citadel of Machu Picchu, clinging to a mist-shrouded peak in the cloud forest, is unknown, although hundreds of theories have been put forward. The Inca capital, Cuzco is full of Inca temples, palaces and shrines, which are a joy to explore.

But as well as the Incas, their predecessors, many of whom were better craftsmen and engineers have left their legacy too. The Nazca people made large line drawings in the dry coastal desert, which can only be seen clearly from a light aircraft and whose purpose is still a mystery. The Chimú constructed Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the world, close to modern Trujillo in the north; the Moche buried their leaders in elaborate tombs rivaling anything found in Egypt ; and the canals they built in the 14th Century are still in use today.

Three distinct geographical areas make up Peru, the coast, the mountains and the jungle.

The coast is over 2,000 kilometers long and comprises desert dissected by fertile river valleys flowing from the Andes down to the Pacific. The cold Humboldt current, originating in Antarctica flows along the coast, cooling it, but the only precipitation is in the form of a blanket of mist, the "garua", which makes coastal cities such as Lima, (the capital) appear very grey for half the year (May to November). Lima and many of the coastal towns are peopled by Peruvians who like to trace their European roots, blacks who were brought over as slaves to work in the cotton and sugar haciendas and Indians and mestizos displaced from the terrorist violence of the Andes in the 1980’s.

It doesn’t take long to leave the coastal strip and start climbing above the clouds into the Andes. This is the sierra, the mountainous region, which although rather infertile, is where most of the population lives. The Incas worked the little good land available to feed a massive population, employing terracing and canal systems which are still in used today. There are many volcanoes (the colonial town of Arequipa is at the foot of the majestic Misti volcano) and high mountains (Huascaran, at 6768m is the highest mountain in the tropics). In the south, the high plain or Altiplano, near Lake Titicaca is wind swept and almost barren, but hauntingly beautiful. Here the people are mainly indigenous or mestizo; many of them still speak Quechua or Aymara.

The eastern section of the Andes is heavily forested and descends into the Amazon Basin. The selva or jungle is the third area, making up almost two thirds of the whole country’s area. It is sparsely inhabited; the only town of any significance is Iquitos, deep in the heart of the jungle on the banks of the Amazon. Recent research has found that the world’s largest river originates in the Peruvian Andes.

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Machu Picchu Cuzco Peru

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